4 Important Facts You Must Know About Saginaw, Texas

What makes a town special? Perhaps every town is special. When you know all its inside information you know why the locals love it. When you get to know Saginaw, Texas it’s impossible not to be enchanted with it. Though this town forms part of the larger Fort Worth area it has a magic all its own. Because it’s governed by a home rule municipality this area of 7.5 sq. mi managed to build a unique culture. And here are some things you’ll love about it too.

It’s the Ideal Place to Take Your Family

Everything about Saginaw, Texas is about a concern for the community:
  • The police and fire departments are deeply involved in community projects. This creates a safe and trusting environment.
  • Local government actively promotes services and activities for:
    • Children
    • Teens
    • Young adults
    • Seniors
  • Activity areas were created to promote healthy lives and to give families the opportunity to spend time together:
    • At the aquatic center people can take part in sports and classes are given for all ages.
    • Parks are supplied with amenities and sports equipment to make it comfortable to spend a day outside.
    • At the community and recreation centers many interesting events are held regularly.
That’s what I love about this town. The government’s involvement to improve the quality of life isn’t sporadic but consistent. This is the type of environment where families—and especially children—can flourish.

Your Pets are Welcome

Of course, most families have pets too. In Saginaw, you can enjoy a trip or life with your dog in tow. The town offers a variety of pet-friendly services to make it easy for you:
  • Restaurants such as the Sonic Drive-In or Ye Old Bull & Bush Pub isn’t far away from Saginaw’s city center. You can enjoy a relaxing time while your dog takes a break from Texas’ hot summer climate by lying in the shade.
  • Give your dog a good exercise session while you enjoy the outdoors. At Willow Creek Park all dogs are welcome and the local government even installed pet waste disposal stations. This is a stunning 65-acre park. You have enough space to run and play with your four-legged friends. When you’re tired you can relax in the shade of the covered picnic area.
  • If you’re only visiting the town some excellent Airbnb accommodation is available or book into a dog-friendly hotel nearby.
Saginaw’s government claims to prioritize the wishes of its citizens. Because they also look after people’s pets you can believe this is true.

It Supports Unique Groups of People

Saginaw literally doesn’t have an end in how it supports its community. People that are usually forgotten by society can find appreciation and assistance in this town.


13% of Saginaw citizens are veterans and this is one place where they can feel welcome. The government shows their appreciation for this group through beautiful memorials such as the one in Kiwanis Park. On the community calendar, you’ll find festivals and celebrations in honor of these military servicemen.

At Risk Students

In Saginaw, no one gets left behind. The area is not known for its focus on higher education. But younger children are well looked after. We already mentioned the variety of activities. But academics are just as important. At the Watson High School, high-risk students get opportunities to stay on par with their peers. Children find temporary or ongoing assistance to improve academic results when they’re faced with challenges:
  • Children with emotional problems
  • Children who struggle to keep up academically
  • Children who don’t adjust easily to school environments
Saginaw is a place where all children are welcome.

It has a Meaningful Name

Saginaw is not an ordinary name. It also doesn’t have an ordinary story behind it. Firstly the name is closely related to water. While it’s also the name of a river in Michigan its meaning—coming from the indigenous language Ojibwe—is ‘to flow out’. Why did someone pick this for an area not associated with water? Because it had so many precious memories connected to it. In 1882 Jarvis Green was looking for a name for the town. He picked Saginaw in memory of the street he stayed in previously elsewhere in the country. Now, more than a century later, the town helps other people create new valuable memories. What do you value? Whatever you’re looking for in a hometown or holiday spot this town is sure to provide it. But you won’t know until you experience it. Start planning your visit today. It will be worth it.

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