5 Things that Prove Saginaw, Texas is a Dog Friendly Destination

Do you see your pet as part of your family? It’s no fun leaving pets at home while you go out for the day or even go on holiday. Apart from the guilt, you feel for leaving them, you probably worry about them until you get back. That’s no way to spend a relaxing day or vacation! Luckily for you Saginaw, Texas thinks your pets are important too. Its infrastructure makes it possible to include your dogs in your itinerary. Of course, this isn’t possible everywhere. Use this handy list to find the best places and plan your next outing. Now your pets can be in your holiday photos too!

Pet Friendliness Outside Saginaw

I love Saginaw, Texas for its location. While I can enjoy the close-knit community feel, I can also use resources from the neighboring areas. My itinerary and activities aren’t limited to the town. Without driving too far I can enjoy even more attractions and facilities in Fort Worth or other surrounding areas. This makes it easier to plan a holiday with your dog in tow. You don’t have to be concerned about hours in the car. Many entertaining features are a few minutes away so your dog never has to suffer in the Texas heat for long. So where will you go?

Dog-Friendly Accommodation

Your first concern is where you’ll stay. This is relevant for locals and tourists. And Saginaw provides everyone with handy options.

Dog-Friendly Property

Saginaw landlords are quite accommodating to people with pets. On local property lists, you’ll find apartments and houses of all sizes that allow pets.

Dog-Friendly Hotels

Tourists with pets love going to Saginaw because you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at Bear Creek Campground or simply make use of Airbnb options. Perhaps you’re looking for some style & comfort. After all, that’s what your pet deserves. Book at Hyatt Place Historic Stockyard or La Quinta Inn. Take note that some facilities require additional pet fees.

The Parks are Amazing

Don’t think a day at the park is a boring option. Not in Saginaw. Saginaw has a variety of parks and most of them are designed to offer you the perfect day outside. And yes, some of them provide for dogs too. Why not head over to Willow Creek Park? You’ll find sports fields and amenities to entertain the whole family. For your pet, you have the benefit of:  
  • The 65-acre park which offers enough space so your dog can use all its pent-up energy
  • A 2.4-mile path where both of you can jog and exercise
  • Dog waste disposal stations so you keep the area clean for others’ use
This is all you need for an entire day’s fun.

Your Dog can Eat With You

Every part of your day can include your pet in Saginaw, Texas. No need to find a sitter or leave it in the car while you eat. Simply use these restaurants that welcome your pets as much as your patronage.

Sonic Drive-In

Keep it simple and enjoy a classic drive-in style meal. At Sonic drive in your dog can stay with you in the car while you grab a bite to eat. This minimizes the risk of anything happening to your four-legged friend.

Food Truck Park

If you do want to enjoy a meal outside you must try the area’s food trucks. Dogs are welcome and the shady area is perfect to take a break from the heat. And the food is excellent!

Special Town Features

This town is focused on creating a friendly and safe environment for all. And they don’t limit their concerns to people.

Lost and Found

You never know when your dog decides to explore the city by itself. Luckily the infrastructure will help you find it quick. Use the Lost & Found Pet Bulletin Board the local government hosts. It’s updated regularly and because citizens are used to these services in town they know exactly where to report lost animals.

Puppy Sitters

Because people in this part of Texas mostly love dogs you’ll find help whenever you need it. There are various locals who can:  
  • Walk your dog for you
  • Look after it while you’re out
  • Offer boarding
  • Facilitate daycare where your dog can socialize with other pets
  This city really provides it all! Can you see pooch-friendly places are everywhere! No more worries or unnecessary dog sitting expenses! Simply head to Saginaw, Texas for the ideal pet-friendly holiday. I hope your pet knows how to sit still long enough so your photos don’t blur.

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