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Online threats are everywhere. From Spyware to Malware, worms and data theft. The internet is everywhere these days. Our homes, our businesses and is even with us 24/7 on our mobile devices.

The chances of a business flourishing in this information age that we live in is slim without internet marketing and connectivity. The benefits of a comprehensive IT infrastructure in the business environment is almost paramount.

We are here to assist in the support and security of your home and business IT devices. This is what we do best. Let us explain a bit about potential IT threats and what we offer to counteract them.

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The Risk is Real
Stray threats are a reality in the IT industry. Texas Network Consulting is your defense mechanism. Spam is the number one vehicle to malware, spyware & viruses that might compromise your IT security.

Should a virus happen to slip through the cracks and attack your infrastructure, it could cost you dearly in data loss and money. The risk is just not worth the stress.

Opening a spam message that is posing as an actual message will have an adverse effect on your entire IT infrastructure. Having a good defense against such threats is crucial to your IT security and Texas Network Consultants have just the solution for you.

We cater for your home, small or large business IT needs with a team of professional, friendly consultants ready to take the anxiety out of your IT dilemmas.

Spam Scanning Costs
As a business owner or manager, a good portion of your time is spent checking your email and responding to clients, staff and potential customers. If you really think about it, what could you do with 10 minutes of your time? Respond to an interested customer? Clarify a point for a staff member to close a deal? Publish that marketing campaign you’ve been working on for months?

No, you’re scanning through spam mail that has absolutely nothing to do with you or your business. Your valuable time is costing your company time and money. Let Texas Network Consulting solve this dilemma for you and minimize your spam influx. After all, it’s what we do!

Content Chaos
Social media can be very detrimental to your company’s productivity. Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be extremely distracting to a productive staff member. Texas Network Consulting can help you block these inappropriate habits from your network, creating a sound and professional work environment for your business setting.

Distasteful content is also of great concern in the work environment. This has multiple negative repercussions that we won’t go into detail about, but really, it’s inappropriate! Texas Network Consulting can effortlessly block these inappropriate sites and keep your staff on a focused and productive path.

Malware is often found on adult content sites and this is how we will be able to detect & block this inappropriate and damaging content from entering your network.


Hundreds of thousands of viruses exist online nowadays and the number is growing by the day. Worms, malware, spyware…they’re everywhere. They have pretty much existed from the beginning of the internet. Because the internet is incorporated into our personal as well as business lives, these threats could pose as a real problem and cause havoc in your business.

Data loss will be catastrophic in any work environment. Make sure that you are well guarded against this costly experience.

Time is Money
Spam and junk mail. We all cringe at the sight or thought. A large portion of the mail received by your business is one of these two. Taking the time to sort through this mail is time consuming for an employee and thus costs the company money. The said person could rather be spending their time on something more generative.

Texas Network Consultants caters for a spam protection that will help your staff manage their time and mail more efficiently. Scanning through spam is a waste of time and hence a waste of money. Our spam protection will keep your spam at an absolute minimum, making your staff and in turn your business more productive.

IT Security Starts at Home

Your browser safety is just as important at home as it is in the work place. Not having online security is a risk to you and your family, even if your use is as basic as browsing.

Texas Network Consultants provides some comprehensive options to your IT security solutions in your home. These solutions will protect your pc from malware and viruses and ensure a smooth sailing experience for you and your family.

It is as easy as giving us a call and a friendly technician will be happy to install or upgrade your system with the latest protection, giving you peace of mind.

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